Halal meat products

Tasty Halal meats

Here at Hemel Foods, Hemel Hempstead, we can provide you with authentic Halal meat. If you're looking for that special joint of meat, we have a wide range of cuts to set your juices flowing. 

Choice pieces of beef, lamb, mutton and goat (when available or to pre-order), we have them all. Go on, treat yourself for that everyday meal, special party or barbecue. Drop in or give us a call on 01442 214 142 to view our wide range of Halal meats to tickle those taste buds.

Halal chicken

Selected for you are whole chickens, chicken breasts, legs, and wings. Take a look for yourself. We stock fresh and frozen here at Hemel Foods. Call us now on 01442 214 142 for further details. 
Halal chicken
Frozen food

Lots of fresh and frozen fish for you to choose from

Take a look at our fish department. We stock different and exotic species of the Indian Ocean to choose from. Do you fancy a Boal, Rohu, Pabda fish blocks, Easa fish or Koi fish? We have them all. If you're looking for Cod, Mackerel or the exotic Roa, visit us at Hemel Foods, we can supply a wide selection of fish in our fresh and frozen department. 
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