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Why visit Hemel Foods?

Meat products
Are you looking for a shop that sells Halal meat, organic fruit and veg, grocery items, frozen foods, spices and much more? Look no further than Hemel Foods Limited. We are a one-stop convenience store. If you're looking for that exotic fish, Afro-Caribbean foodstuffs or the spice you need to give your food that zing, then we probably stock it in our vast range of goods on offer.

Take a look in our grocery department. We stock many foods in cans, bottles and boxes. If you're looking for something different, it's probably in our non-perishable section. We have sauces, vegetables, spices, wheat, flour and much more to choose all under one roof.

Why not pre-order your Halal meat, organic fruit and vegetables by phone or email?  We can put the order together for you so that you can collect at your convenience. Quick, easy, saving you time so you can get on with those other things in your busy day.

Special offers daily. Visit us today at our store where we have special offers for you.

Lots of food at low prices

Low fat food products
Here are just a few of the things we can provide you with:
•  Halal lamb
•  Halal beef
•  Halal mutton
•  Halal goat (available to pre-order)
•  Halal poultry
•  Fish
•  Indian ocean fish
•  Exotic fish

•  Organic fruit and veg
•  Spices
•  Frozen foods
•  Lentils
•  Wheat
•  Flour
•  Rice
•  Afro-Caribbean foodstuffs

Do you want to order over the phone or email? Contact Hemel Foods on 01442 214 142 or email

Where to find us

Food products shop
19 Bennetts Gate
Hemel Hempstead

Call 01442 214 142

Look us up on the map

We have plenty of free parking spaces outside the store for your convenience.
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